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IGN: TullyMastully
By TullyMastully » 17 days ago
Hello everyone!

Today, (02/06/18) We're releasing a new Hub Minigame, And we are more than excited
to show it to you and let you play it!
If you've never played Simon Says before, The rules are pretty simple.
You get a pattern that you need to remember, And re-do it. If you succeed you will be moving to the next round
which will be much harder, and so on. 

Simon Says will be a hub minigame, Which means you will only be able to play it in one of the hubs. 

* If you find any bugs, Make sure to report them to one of the staff members!
Players who report will be awarded.
We hope you will enjoy our take on the classic game, In Minecraft.

Join today!
IP: mc.orpetveit.net

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IGN: HypersMC
By HypersMC » 14 days ago

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